How legal credit repair works

Before we get into the specifics of how our credit repair program works, we'd like to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions most people have about credit repair in general.

Myth #1: Credit Reporting Agencies are part of the government.
Not true. Credit reporting agencies are not in any way affiliated with the government. Credit reporting agencies are private corporations that make their money by collecting information about you and selling it to others (such as banks, car dealerships, mortgage companies, etc.).

Myth #2: Bad credit cannot be erased from your credit report.
Not true. Commonwealth Credit Repair has legally erased over one million negative items from credit reports. By knowing the law and your rights as a consumer, negative items can be erased from your credit report if the following criteria cannot be proven:

  • Is the item 100% accurate?
  • Is the item 100% complete?
  • Does the item meet all federal reporting requirements?
  • Does the item meet all state reporting requirements?
  • Can the item be properly verified?
  • Were reasonable procedures followed before they posted the account?
  • Can the data furnisher provide all supporting documentation?

How often do any of the above instances not occur? Frequently! According to studies from the United States Public Interest Research Group, there is a 79% error rate with credit reports. Established in 2001, Commonwealth Credit Repair has NEVER completed a case where a client has witnessed no deletions.

How We Do It

WE PREPARE YOUR CASE by targeting information that's affecting your credit score in an adverse (negative) way.

WE PRESS FOR RE-INVESTIGATION by disputing invalid negative entries with the three major credit reporting agencies, and ensure they meet full legal compliance.

WE REQUEST VALIDATION with the companies who are directly submitting information about you to the credit reporting agencies.

WE MONITOR credit report entries. Updates from the credit reporting agencies are reviewed for compliance and further processing as necessary.

See What to Expect throughout the credit repair process.

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